Amani Malaika

Divinity looks just like you.

"The wise foundations of all we see and don’t see birthed the badass that is you - that is me.”

Rev. Amani Malaika

My fascination with spiritual traditions, the soul, and life’s mysteries has been life long. In my own seeking and studies I have become a true believer in the divine nature of all human beings.

I am a modern mystic drawing from the truths of many faith traditions. I am deeply inspired by the new thought movement and ever conjuring inventive ways to live these universal truths in our current world.



Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living

My spiritual community

Our Mission

We recognize the Divine in all.
We celebrate Diversity within Oneness.
We are committed to personal and collective spiritual growth through New Thought, Ancient Wisdom, and Inter-Spirituality.
We are a dynamic community of creative intent and action.
We know and claim Life and Love beyond limits!

Our Vision

One in Spirit,
Living with Purpose,
Transforming the World.