Amani Malaika


Weddings, Blessings & Memorials


It is my great joy to facilitate the perfect ceremony for weddings. I deeply believe in unique and meaningful ceremony as an expression of your love and commitment.

Whether you'd like a religious ceremony steeped in a particular tradition, a blending of various faith traditions, something spiritual that's not explicitly religious, or a sacred and completely secular celebration -- we can create the ceremony perfect for you.

Whatever your background, your beliefs, your relationship history, your gender identity, or your romantic orientation, we will design a ceremony of love and commitment that speaks to you and for you.

This is your special day. There is no reason that it can't be exactly the way you've always dreamed it would be. We'll create it together beautifully.

We'll meet to discuss your vision, and if you don't know where to start, I'll share some ideas, ask you some meaningful questions and go from there. We can incorporate music and readings, rituals, a short message if you'd like, and either personalized vows or something that's already been prepared.

After our initial meeting, I'll provide you with a first draft of the whole service. You will receive it within 14 days, so we'll have plenty of time to make any changes or revisions that you'd like.


Have blessings- will travel!

Baby blessings, home blessings, business blessings... it is my joy to bless it all!

We are already blessed expressions of the Divine and a blessing ritual and ceremony is an acknowledgement and celebration of our true nature.

Together we can create a ritual or ceremony for any occasion. It is my honor to celebrate your blessings with you.


As we say goodbye and grieve our loss, we rejoice in the life of the one who's gone, and the time we've shared together. It is my privilege and honor to create an experience that allows for the grief, loss and celebration of the life of your loved one.

We can create together a service that is reflective of the life we are honoring in many unique ways that may be more traditional, a party of celebration, or an intimate gathering of story and song.

Logistics and Fees

I am available to officiate your ceremony anywhere in the Albuquerque area (travel outside of Albuquerque is possible with additional planning and fees)

Typically, planning sessions are scheduled for one hour, and two hours for your ceremony itself.


My basic fee of $300.00 includes:
our initial consultation
additional meetings (up to two) as necessary
the scripted ceremony
a rehearsal, if desired
the wedding itself

Additional meetings or counseling, and other special considerations may necessitate additional charges.


My basic fee of $150.00 includes:
our initial consultation
the ritual/ceremony plan, if necessary
the blessing itself


I like to offer my services officiating memorials on a sliding scale or love-offering basis. A typical honorarium is usually around $200.00.